Projects & Needs

Below are some of the projects and needs currently at Freedom House Ministries.  

Be sure to check back periodically as this list will be updated frequently with projects, items needed, and ways to help.

Thank you in advance for your prayers, time, support, and gifts. We greatly appreciate your help in allowing us to reach men for Christ!

Project #1 - A Second Set of Stairs at Each Building Side

Upon review from the architects and leadership, in order to meet occupancy guidelines required by the state for this building, a total of FOUR sets of stairs are required (two sets of stairs at each side of the building). These steps need to be able to fit in with the current porch structures to allow safe exit on both sides of each wing, to avoid any dead ends.  Estmates have been created for each of the FOUR stairwells that are needed.  Each stair well will cost aproximately $10,000 (parts and labor included).

An example of Stairs Already in Place (Front Side-Right of Building...

A few Pictures of where the stairs need to go...

Look What can Happen!

This is a picture of a separate set of stairs that had already been built thanks to the generosity and prayerful support of our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Past Projects - Windows

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